[maemo-users] Converting Documents

From: Magnus Larsson magnus at vista.se
Date: Wed May 9 09:37:13 EEST 2007

This sounds like a good way - but how about pdfs? I would like, too, to 
convert these tp fb-reader. Any ideas?

Magnus L

Scott Carr skrev:
> Amichai Rotman wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am about to start a new job that involves a lot of tech documents 
>> reading. I want to be able to read all the documents on my N770.
>> Problem: Documents are in different formants (PDF, Doc and some PPS). 
>> Reading them as is is not an option - for various reasons, especially 
>> because its too small to read.
>> I found the fb2 format to be the best option.
>> What would be the easier, faster way to convert the docs (if possible 
>> at all) ?
> [snip]
> I originally bought a PDA to keep up with tech documentation.  Here is 
> what I do:
> I usually use OpenOffice.org to convert Word, etc to HTML format, and 
> then I use jPluck to convert to Plucker format.  Plucker format is read 
> by fbReader, easily. 
> Keep in mind, it may seem as I have a vested interest in OOo, see my 
> sig, but as long as you can convert the Doc to HTML, then you should be 
> in business using jPluck.
> Also, doing this means the links are still kept with the document, if 
> they are there.

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