[maemo-users] Skype Update?

From: Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at gmail.com
Date: Wed May 9 22:49:24 EEST 2007
On 5/9/07, randall.arnold at nokia.com <randall.arnold at nokia.com> wrote:
> The biggest one that comes to mind was the inability to login.  I was
> successful a couple of times on my laptop, zero times on PC and N800.
> That randomness and inconsistency was puzzling. In the same environments
> (I tested 2), why was the laptop the only one that could successfully
> log in?  And at that, why was I only successful a couple of times?
> Every other time I encountered uninformative system messages that I
> could not log in.
> I never received answers to my questions so I eventually uninstalled the
> apps.  I'd be tempted to try again if I knew my problems had been
> reproduced, identified and corrected... But I've never seen an
> indication that they ever were.

That does ring a bell now that you mention it. When I first installed
Gizmo on Fedora, it gave me some login issues. The login message was
highly uninformative since the problem was not with the login but
rather with the fact that I hadn't installed the Rendevzous (aka
DNS-SD aka Avahi aka Bonjour) libraries and Gizmo needs them to work
properly. As soon as I installed Avahi, it worked. I did complain
about that uninformative message not pointing to the correct problem
on the Gizmo forums. They used to bundle those libraries separately
but now they bundle them in the main install, I believe.

I recall that Gizmo wouldn't login on the 770/N800 until I did a full
reboot (power cycle *without* it being on the charger) so that it
could start up the DNS-SD service. I think that many people don't
realize that the tablets do not actually reboot if you power cycle it
while it is charging.


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