[maemo-users] new n800 user problem connecting

From: NG contact at gilgam.com
Date: Sat May 12 18:16:59 EEST 2007

i've just get my N800 yesterday, and i plan to use it as an end user  
for some job (taking notes on specific people using first a notes  
taker then a web app run locally (i 'm a web developper  mostly php  
and ror).

But my first problem is that i can't connect on internet :-(

i set my macook pro as a wifi base (via sharing internet connection  
through wifi-airport) )
the n800 sees the connection, connects fine but neither mail nor web  
works, there is no firewall, everything is set on dhcp and no  
personnal dns set.

Do you have any idea ?


Nicolas gruson


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