[maemo-users] gcompris 8.3.1 port to N800 pre-alpha released

From: Terje Bergström terje at terje.fi
Date: Mon May 14 17:40:17 EEST 2007

I have been working on porting gcompris 8.3.1 to N800, the Nokia Internet 
Tablet. Yesterday I released the first version in 
http://garage.maemo.org/projects/gcompris. The project is still 


Go to http://garage.maemo.org/projects/gcompris, and download the gcompris 
core package, data packages 1-3, common sound package and one localized sound 
package. Install them on your N800.


Sources are available in SVN of garage.maemo.org. Check the project page for 
instructions on how to access the SVN tree. I haven't uploaded the sources in 
Debian source format, because garage.maemo.org has a 10MB limit on file size.

- Background music. Disable the music, or it might be that all audio will 
- Python plugin.
- You have to tap twice to start a game.
- I haven't filtered the list of games, so there are still games which require 
- gcompris is somewhat slow.


1. Debian control files. Unfortunately Ubuntu's debian files were not useful, 
as Maemo's Debian tools are of older version. I released gcompris as core, 
three data packages, common sounds package and localized sound packages. 
Autoconf and Makefiles required some removal of OS X stuff. I couldn't get it 
to work.

2. Removed chess. Unfortunately gnuchess is not available for maemo, so I 
removed the chess game.

3. Removed python plugin. I was not able to get gcompris to start with the 
python plugin, so I disabled it.

4. Converted all sound files to mp3, and almost rewrote the sound code. SDL 
for Maemo does not support playing of mp3 or ogg files, and the platform in 
general does not support ogg files. This is why I converted the audio files 
to mp3 and rewrote the audio code to use gstreamer. Unfortunately this work 
is still incomplete, and the background music is still causing me gray hair. 


If you feel that you could help with any of the deficiencies, please don't 
hesitate to give a hand. Send me email, join my project, send patches, 
anything. Especially gstreamer and python gurus would be welcome.


Best regards,

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