[maemo-users] email scroll problem with stylus on 770

From: John Leko jmleko at comcast.net
Date: Sun May 20 23:10:50 EEST 2007
Hi Tony.

I too have noticed this behavior on my 770. A brief search bugzilla  
does not appear to show this "feature" as being reported. Perhaps  
someone can correct my oversight?



> I am running 770 with OS 2006 v 3.2006.49-2
> When I try to use my stylus to scroll an email message, it will  
> scroll for
> half a dozen lines or so then stop and this little square appears.   
> I can't
> do anything with the square except make it go away by clicking  
> outside of
> it.  If I try again it will scroll again for a few lines then the  
> square
> appears again.  Does any else experience this problem?  What is the  
> little
> square?  There is an image of the screen at the following link.
> http://webpages.charter.net/furball/nokia/770.jpg
> Tony K.

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