[maemo-users] N800 gpsbabel supporting the WBT-201

From: Rainer Dorsch rdorsch at web.de
Date: Sun May 20 23:22:29 EEST 2007

thanks for verifying that gpsbabel works with the maemo platform.

Do you have a scatchbox environment for the N770 arround? If yes, can you 
compile the gpsbabel version for the N770 as well? 


Am Samstag, 5. Mai 2007 20:51 schrieb Jonathan Hudson:
> As the happy owner of a Wintec WBT-201 (great service from Semsons,
> four days to England), I've built (ported to far too grand) the beta
> gpsbabel (gpsbabel-1.3.4-beta20070415) that supports the WBT-201 to the
> N880, enabling the download of logged tracks to the N800, then you can
> load the file into Maemo Mapper.
> There is a tar ball at:
> <http://www.zen35309.zen.co.uk/gpsbabel-1.3.4-beta20070415-N800.tar.gz>
> that contains the N800 binary and a README explaining how to set up
> bluetooth serial connection and download (and optionally erase) the
> logged tracks from a WBT-201. All the other gpsbabel functions should
> also be there (e.g. export to kml).
> Hope this is useful to other N800 / WBT-201 owners. Great device, had a
> lot of fun today wandering around the New Forest, where it worked with
> accuracy and reliability, even under quite heavy foliage. Works
> flawlessly with Maemo Mapper.
> -jonathan
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