[maemo-users] Bluetooth file transfer

From: Hans J. Koch koch at hjk-az.de
Date: Sun May 27 19:01:56 EEST 2007
I'd like to transfer files FROM my mobile phone TO my N770 (OS2006).
On my desktop, I use obexftp for that. For the 770, I found btxfer
and menush in the application catalog.

However, I couldn't find out how btxfer works. It has a "search"
button (my phone is found if I click it), a "send..." button
(nothing happens if I select a file and click OK), and an "exit"
button. Where's the "receive" button ???

For menush, I didn't find a repository where it can be downloaded
from. The repository mentioned in the application catalog
(http://deb.nopcode.org/) doesn't seem to exist anymore. Is
menush still available somewhere ?


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