[maemo-users] n770 can't select connection

From: marc gonzalez-carnicer carnicer.lists at gmail.com
Date: Mon May 28 22:52:42 EEST 2007
hi all. I am new to this list. Just got a used N770 which worked well,
until I figured out how to install applications. After that, I can't
select an wireless connection.

The symptoms are :

* I click on the "select connection" icon (the earth)
* I click on the "select connection" option on the pop-up menu
* The pop-up menu disappears (that is normal), but then the connection
selection menu does not appear, as it used to.

Any hints on what happened or what can i do? I would not mind
reinstalling the firmware, I don't have any valuable information. But
this is really strange. Without internet connection, the n770 is
almost worthless ...

Thanks in advance,

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