[maemo-users] Gizmo and additional voip account

From: jon latorre moebius at etxea.net
Date: Wed May 30 18:22:24 EEST 2007

El mié, 30-05-2007 a las 14:46 +0100, Duncan MacCallum escribió:
> HI,
> First posting so bear with me....
> I have installed Gizmo on both N800 and winXP both have option of
> additional account but with winxp it appears that it might be posible
> to add existing voip account.
> server/name/password are offered via enable secondary login.
> Is this possible on N800 and if so could my existing voip account with
> voip.co.uk be activated on my N800.

I have just setup gizmo on my N800 to use s seconds account in a custom
asterisk of my work, so, yes it's posible. When gizmo it's trying to
connect I just hit cancel, activate the secondary connection field and a
pop-up window appeared to introduce the connection data.

> Or even possible have I got the wrong end of the stick...
> Cheers

jon latorre <moebius at etxea.net>
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