[maemo-users] NFS client on OS 2007

From: Juha Kallioinen juha.kallioinen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Sep 3 11:00:09 EEST 2007
ext Jeffrey Barish wrote:
> Juha Kallioinen wrote:
>> To get started, I had just flashed my N800 and made sure it's in RD mode
>> (--enable-rd-mode with the commandline flasher).
> Thank you for this thorough explanation.
> I upgraded the OS using the Windows procedure, so I presume that RD mode was
> not enabled.  Do I have to start over?

Actually the RD mode is only needed to more easily get root access
on the device. You can activate the RD mode with the linux commandline
flasher tool. I'm not sure how to do it in Windows.

In fact you can also do without the RD mode. You could activate the
'red pill mode' [1] in the application manager and install ssh from there.
After that you can ssh to localhost as root from the xterm or you can ssh
into your device from the PC.


[1] http://maemo.org/community/wiki/ApplicationManagerRedPillMode

Juha Kallioinen

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