[maemo-users] UI-Performance experience with N800

From: Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Date: Thu Sep 6 18:23:39 EEST 2007
Hello Eero,

Thanks a lot for answering my post, I had some fears that it would
maybe start a flameware - which was is/was not intended.
It should just refelct my opinion that I think there's a lot of
performance-work left to make toe N800 to be as cool as it could be.

> Our generic UI requirements for responsiveness are:
> - All user actions need to give user response within 0.5 seconds
>    (e.g. when tapping any menu item, the menu closes in less than
>    0.5 secs to indicate that something happened)
> - If an operation (such as opening a dialog) takes more than
>    3 secs, there needs to be banner about the operation
> These are intended for device that is otherwise idle.
> The requirements are not very tight, but that's because they are
> generic ones, everything on the device has to fulfill them.  If you
> can measure with xresponse that something doesn't fill the above
> requirement, please file a bug report.

I guess almost everything repaints faster than 500ms, which is in my
opinion to some degree catastrophic goal to archieve. It's better to
reach for the impossible than to settle for just another ugly
performance ;)
Keep in mind a user moves a SplitPane's Spliter and see's 2 updates
per second - not very cool in a time where everything in consumer
devices is animated and smooth.
Is a fix response time really an answer to measure the tearing
experience someone see's on an N800?
Even the Zaurus I own (however its APIs are way more "closed") is way
more responsive.

Because its currently in the hype ... I am quite interrested about
IPodTouch's user interface will perform, but I can't imagin apple
would deliver something slow and stuttering like N800's current UI.

Please don't get me wrong, this is not intended to start a flamewar
nore to offend or displease Nokia. Just my thoughts written down ;)

lg Clemens

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