[maemo-users] help: root privilege problem regarding boot menu and the new kernel! n800

From: jerry f stutte jfstut at charter.net
Date: Fri Sep 7 17:03:04 EEST 2007

Over the last few days I finally got around to installing the latest 
kernel release for the N800.

release: RX-34_2007SE_4.2007.26-8_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin

I partitioned a new sdhc card to have 5.5 gig of drive space formatted 
as ext2 (2nd part)
2.5 gig of FAT.

I followed up the install of the kernel with the boot menu install from 
"Fanoush's" Modified initfs on screen boot menu for the N800.

I followed the directions with success and followed the install up with 
the "now its time to clone the original system!"

I done this routine several time on a couple of n770's and a n800.

This time however upon reboot I noticed after booting to the mmc2 
partition that I had lost my root privileges?

I typically run my devices in R&D mode.  I typically do not set 
passwords until after I am finished installing all software on the new 

The only thing I can figure is, when answering the question "Remove 
unneeded extra stuff." I somehow am removing my root/gainroot privelege 
(e.g. I loose wireless communication and su root privileges rendering 
the device useless as a wireless tablet).

Can anyone tell me how to avoid this problem!

I can/will reinstall the kernel to the device/ but would like to avoid 
loosing super user privileges to the device and would like to avoid 
software loosing privileges as well.

I assume I can just answer no! to the remove unneeded extra stuff! to 
solve the problem.  I was hoping to create as much extra space on the 
internal initfs as possible.

Another question when I re-install the kernel and boot-menu software do 
I need to flatten the sdhc partition containing the cloned files 
system.  Or will the tar routine overwrite the partition.  The last time 
I attempted to clean a partition I had bad block reports on the card
and was unable to use that partition again (the card was only a couple 
of weeks old).
Does any one know of a way to reclaim the cards bad partition.  Perhaps 
using dd command over writing the entire card contents, with the 
contents of a new card.


Jerry Stutte

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