[maemo-users] H.264 playback

From: Paul Dundas pdundas at btinternet.com
Date: Sun Sep 9 09:00:12 EEST 2007
DrFredC.com wrote:

> I've loaded a 115Meg MP4 video I did on to my N800 of my son's soccer
> team trip to Paris and Spain
> <http://snohomishsoccer.com/team/pmwiki.php/Spain/Spain> this summer. 
> With N800s Media Player, there's a message that it doesn't have the
> codex to play mp4s.  MPlayer (maemo) supposedly plays mp4s, but chokes
> on this particular MP4 file, chopping up the audio and only rarely
> showing a change in video displays.  This MP4 file plays fine with
> QuickTime on my XP laptop.   Perhaps I don't have the optimum mp4 player
> or codex installed.  Perhaps, because the MP4 comes from a widescreen
> DVD format compressed to a smaller internet uploadbable MP4 file
> (512x288 at 29 fps), it doesn't play well Nokia's MP4 MPlayer either
> because it's a 'non-standard' frame size, too many fps or whatever. 
> MPlayer seems to try to process the file to display in full screen
> rather than it's native 512x288 format.  If so, that probably requires
> way more processing power than the N800 has.   I haven't had time to
> sort out what's going on. 

I believe the N800 hardware does the scaling to full-screen, so
that's probably not the problem. On the other hand, the utilities
that encode video for N800 that I've seen tend to use MUCH lower
frame rates for that sort of resolution, suggesting that the
frame rate may be the issue.

Not an authoritative answer, I'm afraid.

>> What about the battery lifetime when watching videos (e.g., stored on 
>> the memory card?)

Have not watched a video all the way through, but I'd guess you
should be able to manage one! That said, video decoding time
(high CPU and display on) might be less than browsing time
(low CPU and display on) or non-standby running time (variable
CPU and display mostly off), so the 8 hours running time the battery
indicator predicts on a full charge may not be realistic.

> I haven't been able to play any prolonged video to determine battery life. 

Would be interested in real-life figures. I never seem to do as well
with battery life as theory suggests :(


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