[maemo-users] Updates in red-pill mode

From: Thomas Leavitt thomas at thomasleavitt.org
Date: Thu Sep 13 09:33:11 EEST 2007
I put my device in "red-pill" mode a while back... a short time later, I 
noticed a number of "upgrades" and went ahead and installed them, 
without making the connection (until afterwards)... this did produce a 
"broken" package warning, revealed not by the Application Manager, but 
by the Synaptic application, this was for one of the main system library 
updates. I fixed the dependency error by installing "ssh", which the 
Application Manager insists has a lot of requirements and conflicts with 
"busybox", but which Synaptic says is perfectly fine to install on it's 
own. The device functioned just fine while it was in this "broken" 
state, and just fine afterwards, so I doubt that doing updates in 
"red-pill" mode, alone, is enough to brick the device... I suspect there 
must be something else involved.

Note: I'm a Unix/Linux geek from way back, and am using Ubuntu and apt 
in my day job, so I'm comfortable messing around with this stuff and 
fixing things if they break slightly. I haven't noticed any substantive 
difference in the performance or stability of my 770 one way or 
another... Opera still crashes fairly consistently (which is about the 
only problem I've seen).

I will note, however, and I'm not entirely sure why, that with no 
applications running (other than the notice bar stuff at the top), my 
system consumes 60 megs of memory... I just got a new 2 gb MMC card, so 
I've enabled 64 mb of virtual memory (I had 24 before, on the 64 meg 
card, and I regularly ran it to 90% of total memory used). It doesn't 
seem reasonable to me that the OS would consume all available memory and 
leave nothing for applications, but I don't know if I've "customized" 
the thing enough that the memory usage profile is anomalous.


Paul Dundas wrote:
> I didn't think there was a warning about "red pill" mode on the Wiki, so
> I added one to the red pill page:
> http://maemo.org/community/wiki/applicationmanagerredpillmode/
> That might flush out an official comment (or not).
> regards,
> Paul
> Ryan Pavlik wrote:
>> Updating in red pill mode is just asking to brick your device.  I've 
>> heard of it happening almost every time.  Use red pill mode as a 
>> temporary workaround for a single package, not as a way of life, no 
>> matter how much of a power user you are.  The device just doesn't 
>> support it.
>> Ryan
>> Jonathan Greene wrote:
>>> I can't answer that as I have nothing to do with software releases... 
>>> thats a Nokia / Maemo team question.  I think you just need to tread 
>>> lightly with Red Pill mode knowing it's an official unofficial (or 
>>> perhaps unsupported) method of doing things.
>>> On 9/11/07, *Pedro Rodrigues de Almeida* <pmrdealmeida at mac.com 
>>> <mailto:pmrdealmeida at mac.com>> wrote:
>>>     Hello Jonathan,
>>>     Why then should there be patches to some of the OS 2006 files? Do
>>>     you mean that these patches could simply be experimental even
>>>     though they have a version later than the ones installed in the 770?
>>>     Does anybody at Nokia releases patches to essential OS 2006 system
>>>     files which can be updated under red-pill mode?
>>>     Cheers,
>>>     Pedro
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>>>     "Welcome to the Matrix"
>>>     I don't think Red Pill mode is advised for general use or system
>>>     updates.
>>>     It's really more of a backdoor.  I've used it to get Python to
>>>     install in
>>>     the past as it seems to get past the missing library error though
>>>     I'm not
>>>     sure that's so much of a good thing either.
>>>     On 9/11/07, Pedro Rodrigues de Almeida <pmrdealmeida at mac.com
>>>     <mailto:pmrdealmeida at mac.com>> wrote:
>>>     >
>>>     > Hello,
>>>     >
>>>     > I have realized that in red-pill mode a series of system patches are
>>>     > available for installing, e.g., patches fr browser controls,
>>>     opera etc.
>>>     >
>>>     > I have installed some of these patches - not all - and my 770
>>>     became more
>>>     > unstable ad even crashed to the point of aving to remove the
>>>     battery to be
>>>     > able to reboot it.
>>>     >
>>>     > Opera also got a new look as new, orange scroll bars replaced the old
>>>     > ones.
>>>     >
>>>     > Is it recommended to install the updates in red-pill mode or is this
>>>     > unwise?
>>>     >
>>>     > Thanks,
>>>     >
>>>     > Pedro
>>>     >
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