[maemo-users] Updates in red-pill mode

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Thu Sep 13 14:18:08 EEST 2007
"ext Thomas Leavitt" <thomas at thomasleavitt.org> writes:

> I put my device in "red-pill" mode a while back... a short time
> later, I noticed a number of "upgrades" and went ahead and installed
> them, without making the connection (until afterwards)... this did
> produce a "broken" package warning, revealed not by the Application
> Manager, but by the Synaptic application, this was for one of the
> main system library updates.

Interesting.  The Application Manager only shows packages that failed
to unpack or configure as broken, it more or less assumes that all
dependencies of the installed packages are satisfied.  In what way was
that library broken?  You say below that a dependency was missing.  Or
did a maintainer script fail?

> I fixed the dependency error by installing "ssh",

How did you get that dependency error in the first place?  The
Application Manager should not ever allow them to creep up.

> which the Application Manager insists has a lot of requirements and
> conflicts with "busybox", but which Synaptic says is perfectly fine
> to install on it's own.

This is also interesting.  What would "apt-get install" do?  The
Application Manager and apt-get install do not use the same algorithm
to compute the updates.  In general, the Application Manager will not
do anything about conflicts (except reporting them and refusing to
proceed, of course), but "apt-get install" will remove packages to
find a solution.  Synaptic probably does the same, right?

The conflict reports produced by the Application Manager are not very
good right now, unfortunately.  I don't think ssh conflicts with
busybox, for example.

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