[maemo-users] Memory corruption during WLAN use: detailled analysis and workaround

From: Kalle Valo Kalle.Valo at nokia.com
Date: Thu Sep 13 18:08:53 EEST 2007
"ext Tilman Vogel" <tilman.vogel at web.de> writes:

>> How long does it take you to see the corruption with memtester?
> With test sizes of about 24 MB, chances seem to be very good to catch
> the bad bytes. In other words, usually if I run memtester 24 after
> booting and still without WLAN, everything is ok. As soon as I click on
> "Choose connection..." and scanning starts, I see FAILURE messages from
> memtester. I don't have to wait for it.

Ok, good to know. I have tried to reproduce this with N800 but I
haven't seen any memory corruption.

Kalle Valo

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