[maemo-users] Backing up an image...

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Fri Sep 14 06:23:19 EEST 2007
On Thursday 13 September 2007 00:16:14 Thomas Leavitt wrote:
> So, like, when my box locked up (for no particular reason I could tell)
> and I had to wipe and re-install, three days after I got the thing, it
> wasn't that big a deal... just a few wasted hours... but now, I've got a
> substantial investment in it... how do I back this thing up, so I can
> re-flash it to where it is now, in case something breaks in the future
> and "bricks" it?
> Thomas
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This performs better with OS2007 than 2006 but works in both for me YMMV (I 
use this primarily on my n800 but also on the 770)  

-- . Went to Control Panel/Backup and made full backup.
2. Copied some files(in particular Maemopad+ database) which were in root 
directory for some reason to my mmc1 card.
3. Saved list of installed applications to the mmc1 card by running dpkg –
get-selections > /media/mmc1/soft.txt
4. Flashed new firmware (flashing guide is here: 
5. During first boot Installation Wizard recognized backup on my card and 
proposed to restore it. I couldn't refuse that :)
6. Install xterm(http://maemo-hackers.org/osso-xterm.install) and 
7. Open xterm window, become root: $sudo gainroot and change default root 
password: #passwd
8. Get our saved list of installed software from the place we put it before: 
#dpkg –set-selections < /media/mmc1/soft.txt
9. Upgrade according to the selected list: #apt-get dselect-upgrade
10.Application manager displays list of packages to upgrade and asks for my 
permission: Yes!
11.Packages got loaded in a couple of minutes and installation begins.
   Sometimes licence agreement windows pop up. I agree :)
12.When application installer finished its work (no error messages!) I looked 
at the menu - all software have been installed successfully except of that 
which was installed not from repositories.

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