[maemo-users] Windows Mobile Phone detected as a PDA - can't set as Phone

From: Acadia Secure Networks acadiasecurenets at aol.com
Date: Fri Sep 14 19:16:02 EEST 2007

your question led me to submit a query to Google which came up with the 
an explanation available at the www page whose url is


from a member of the Microsoft Windows Mobile team blog that explains 
why Microsoft removed Bluetooth DUN from the AKU3 version of Windows 
Mobile 5 . Note in the article that Microsoft DOES still ship the 
Bluetooth DUN to the OEM's and they CAN if they so choose make it 
available on the handset.

Note also that, given the amount of negative feedback that Microsoft has 
gotten about the removal of Bluetooth DUN, that, they are going to put 
it back in in a future release of Windows Mobile 6.

Here is the text of the blog post where that decision is indicated 
(highlighted in boldface type by me):

>     Actually, Microsoft did not remove Bluetooth DUN completely.  We
>     still ship this technology to our OEMs.  It is included in an
>     optional package that OEMs and operators can decide to ship on a
>     per device basis.  Internet Sharing is also in an optional
>     package.  We did change one thing though.  Internet Sharing is
>     included by default and Bluetooth DUN no longer is.
>     Bluetooth DUN is a legacy technology that is likely to disappear
>     over time.  Especially when you look at the great experience
>     Internet Sharing provides with Bluetooth PAN.  It also does not
>     make sense for cellular radios to continue supporting a legacy
>     interface just to enable Bluetooth DUN.  In the past we received a
>     lot of criticism about Modem Link, especially related to
>     usability.  For this reason we decided not to include it by default.
>     *Anyway, based on continued feedback from the community, we have
>     changed our minds!  We will bring Bluetooth DUN back by default in
>     a future WM6 AKU release.*  Keep in mind that OEMs and operators
>     still have the final say whether DUN will end up on a specific device.

I suspect that  Microsoft was also getting pressure from  some carriers, 
who do not want to have their mobile handsets being used as layer  1 
devices (modems). In my own case the CD that shipped from Verizon 
Wireless with my Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone (an XV6700) does have the 
wmodem.exe app on it. It so happens that the handset, as shipped to me 
had the application installed but hidden. I am currently running with an 
OS version that has the AKU2 feature set.

There may be a similar workaround for getting Bluetooth DUN to work on 
your particular Windows Mobile 5 handset but to get you started here is 
the url to a www page (one of many) that has an "how-to" thread on the 
subject for the XV6700.


In case you have difficulty figuring out which AKU is running on your 
handset, here is the url to an article at the msmobiles.com www site 
that may be helpful:


And here is the url to an article that maps the AKU# to the OS version 
number ranges for that particular AKU#.


Best Regards, 

John Holmblad

Acadia Secure Networks

Ivan N. Zlatev wrote:
> I own a Windows Mobile 5 Phone device (HTC Trinity) and a N800. My
> issue is that the device is detected as a PDA and not a Phone (via
> Bluetooth), so I am unable to set it as the phone in the control
> panel. Any ideas on how this can be resolved? Do I have to file a bug
> and how to get debug information?
> Also does someone have a clue how can I express a vote for the
> Bluetooth PAN support mentioned here
> https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1195. I seem not to have access
> to the actual proposal here -
> https://maemo.org/community/wiki/bluetooth_pan_proposal.html.
> Regards.

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