[maemo-users] Nokia 770 periodically lose WiFi connection

From: Michael Stepanov michael at stepanoff.org
Date: Wed Sep 19 11:37:17 EEST 2007
On 9/18/07, DrFredC.com <drfredc at drfredc.com> wrote:
>  It's possible that some other programs or home network computers might be
> overloading your network and wifi with traffic and/or requests of some sort
> that might bog things down enough to disrupt a finnicky connection.
> For example, in background, your computer's virus scanner and spyware
> might be downloading updates while someone else's email program is
> downloading some large photo attachment.
> Our home wifi connection typically gets quirkiest when my son (hardwired
> to the home net) is downloading a Warcraft update, jumping into some new
> Warcraft game, or watching some video over the net that sucks up a lot of
> bandwidth.
> Bottomline, Wifi routerware doesn't always prioritize traffic to match
> everyone's individual needs for smooth communications and there can be lots
> of BS going on in background that doesn't make things any easier for
> routerware to sort out.

Access point is used for Nokia770 only. There is no any WiFi enabled
devices. So, it shouldn't be problem with traffic.

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