[maemo-users] n800 docking station

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Sat Sep 22 06:28:51 EEST 2007
Piotr Zagorowski wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any solution for docking station (desk stand and charger) for N800?
> Sorry if this topic was already brought up, but I cannot find any
> related links/info.
> regards
> Pit

I've never seen one, probably because...

The Stand - it's built-in
Charging - the ports are on the side, making any kind of dock (ideally "drop-in") a little tricky.

Ultimately (IMHO) the design of the N800 doesn't lend itself to a dock.

I'd like to see a future tablet that is powerful enough to be used as a full desktop computer replacement with a dock providing video, audio, network and keyboard/mouse connectivity, oh and charging! When connected to the dock the tablet could use a higher resolution than presented on the built-in display etc. When it's time to go out, pick up the tablet from it's dock, slip on the hard cover protection (!) and drop it in your pocket! :)

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