[maemo-users] Bluetooth headphones and mp3's

From: Berhan SOYLU berhan at gmail.com
Date: Wed Sep 26 14:54:17 EEST 2007
Thanks for your funny explanation :)

I'm using Nokia e60 that I think its sound quality is one of the best. I
speak nearly 30 mins, when I hold phone in my right hand, right side of my
brain afflicts, and vice versa... There is no headache with head set.. When
I argue with my girlfriend on the phone, i feel all off my brain is gonna
explode :)


On 9/26/07, James Knott <james.knott at rogers.com> wrote:
> Berhan SOYLU wrote:
> >
> > One of my friends sad to me who is a Electronics and Communications
> > Engineer.
> > I googled..
> > According to SAR limit it is harmful for brain. But governments do not
> > allow illegal SAR limits to produce.
> >
> > i.e
> >
> http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/apr2005/tc20050427_5651.htm
> >
> > I am confused to believe my engineer friend or the businessweek...
> > Real world have lots of lies for consumption maddness... May be this
> > may have been a lie, not harmfull for brain.
> Risk is dependent on exposure level.  The more power involved, the
> greater the risk.  An excellent comparison is microwave ovens vs WiFi or
> Bluetooth.  The power levels used in the ovens are without a doubt
> harmful.  The levels in WiFi and Bluetooth are below what's considered
> safe.  Please remember you can never prove anything is safe.  You can
> only fail to show risk.  Also, the risk from microwaves is not cancer,
> as that is non-ionizing radiation, unlike ultraviolet and X-ray
> radiation. There may be problems caused by heating etc.
> >
> > For instance they say the cellular phone is not harmful but when I
> > speak to much with mobile phone, there comes a headache...
> That may be due to who you're talking to.  ;-)
> Actually, some phones have very poor audio quality, which may trigger
> headaches.
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