[maemo-users] Is anyone actually trying to use Bluetooth keyboards?

From: Johnny johnny at piratefish.org
Date: Wed Sep 26 19:54:22 EEST 2007
I'm a relative newcomer - only just joined the list a few days ago, and 
I've been using the 770 for a month or so.  I've managed to near-brick 
the thing once (got the lines) and returned it for service with Nokia 
(took 3 agonizing weeks) and now am back in action once again.  I've 
successfully moved the OS to the card once, but I've got the wrong 
memory (the slow 1gb) and not the fast 2gb (on the list of things to do) 
and then I'll be unpacking the OS into it's own 1gb partition on the card.

When I first jumped into the using the thing, I decided that if I was 
going to be able to run nmap over wireless, or do any other "near real" 
work with the thing, that using a nice keyboard would be the way to go, 
and I splurged on the I-Tech Virtual Laser Keyboard.  Contrary to some 
postings and thoughts, I'm a guy who built his first computer from a 
kit, and it had an SS-50 bus.  I type a lot, and I'm 100wpm when I'm in 
a hurry.  The I-Tech took some getting used to, and I'm about 80% there 
with it now - they keys do double-tap and I sometimes double push, since 
I'm a touch typist, and there's not much to "touch" with the thing.  
That being said, when I'm on a roll, it works.  If you can't read the 
screen while you type, then don't get this keyboard - you're not good 
enough yet to appreciate it.  I am fortunate in that regard, but hey, 
when you're all 43, you'll probably be comfy with something like it as 
well.  The key seems to be lowering it's sensitivity so that my fat 
fingers don't touch 3-4 keys each press - and the guy who mentioned 
typing in the air, without actually touching the surface, he was right 
too - better results come with "air typing" like air-guitar - I sound 
much better when I play Air Guitar anyway. :^)

Anyway, I've now managed to reinstall the OS 4-5 times on my unit, both 
before killing it and after, and I've not been able to have a reliable 
performance with the keyboard yet.  I've tried linking the keyboard to 
the OS manually, and by using the BT plugin, and always with unreliable 
results.  Much of the time, when it fails, it'll reboot the Nokia.  
Sometimes it'll say it links, but not link.  Sometimes it actually 
links, but then unlinks, then relinks.  Sometimes it works.  Then, if 
I'm ready, I get an hour or two or 3 on the keyboard and it's all good.  
Then I shut down, or reboot, or something - and then if the stars align, 
it works again - but never a 3rd time.  After that, the Nokia will reboot.

I have successfully done BT DUN successfully with my Verizon cell - 
that's been great in fact, but that's the only reliable thing I've seen 
BT do with the thing.

Does anyone have a recommendation towards what kernel, or software 
combination I should be running with the BT plugin?  Is that plugin just 
crap and nobody's bothered to build the latest from the BlueZ folks?  
Does everyone just not use BT keyboards and wire in through USB or SSH 
into it remotely??

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