[maemo-users] Bluetooth headphones and mp3's

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Thu Sep 27 00:30:49 EEST 2007

> Even without avrcp, a combo headset should pause the a2dp stream when
> taking a voice call. The underlying avdtp protocol has messages for
> stream suspend.

Ah, okay, thanks for the info.

> btw, the a2dpd and bluetooth-alsa stuff is an experiment. If you can
> afford to upgrade bluez-utils, you'll find a new audio service there
> that is the one being worked on. This may be a little too bleeding
> edge since it will require a new bluez-libs and might impact some
> other stuff.

I'm interested in moving the SBC encoding to a DSP task. I'll certainly 
take a look at the updated bluez-utils.

> I haven't heard these HSP/HFP/A2DP headsets being called "multipoint"
> before but I've been calling them "combo" sets. The interesting thing
> here is the set prefers to be master on both its active connections so
> it can communicate with separate hifi and voice devices in a single
> piconet.

That's just from my browsing on Amazon and other online retailers 
before I bought mine (a reasonably priced Jabra BT320s), I (and they) 
may be using the wrong terminology.


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