[maemo-users] Is anyone actually trying to use Bluetooth keyboards?

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Thu Sep 27 06:54:35 EEST 2007
On Wednesday 26 September 2007, you wrote:
>  Hal, I write too - though I'm a bit of a self-publisher since I
> actually sell my work (see Piratefish.org for more detail there) and
> I wanted the ability to write anywhere, as portably as possible.  The
> I-Tech is nice because it's very low mass, and has zero footprint
> until you use it.  It does have to rest on a flat surface, and, even
> though it'll project a keyboard image on your ceiling 10 feet wide,
> you can only type in the 5-8" in front of it, level with it's base. 
> The only serious downfall is that serious touch-typists must look
> down to re-align their hands from time to time as they might drift
> without the feedback of reality, but that's about it.

You mean the projected keyboard?  I don't think I could use that.  I 
need the tactile feedback, both the keys going up and down, and the 
feel of the key tops so I know my fingers are in the middle of a key, 
instead of hitting two keys.

>  I just want to be able to run a light-weight word processor or
> perhaps Celtx on the thing, and carry it around anywhere.  I'd be at
> home in Wordstar even (did I say that?) but it's the reliability that
> I' worry about.

When I'm in "creative" mode, I think completely differently than when 
I'm programming.  I can't deal with complex command sequences or 
anything like that.  I get lost in what I'm doing.


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