[maemo-users] SyncML

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Sat Sep 29 03:16:27 EEST 2007
Well, OpenSync can be built on the N800 (I think Florian has done this) 
and the sync can go the other way - other folks have done this too.  
Then just get a DynDNS or similar for your "home base" (server, etc) or 
just use the ip address.  Should be pretty easy.


Phillip Neumann wrote:
> Hi.
> After reading Ryan's page and syncML, im under the impresion that the
> scheme is more like a "push" from the server to the client, wich means
> that the server will alwais be necesary to know the IP of the client
> device.
> Unfortunatly, the ip is not alwais the same. I move a lot, and connect
> via gprs and wifi's. 
> Under this condition i would need to setup VPN's or APN's to know the IP
> wich is very complicated.
> The ideal would be to have a "pull" scheme, where the client connects to
> the server wich allwais has the same ip, and get changes and put changes
> there.
> Thats not possible to opensync is it?
> Isnt there another posibility?
> thanks!!

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