[maemo-users] GPE & ICS/WebDAV/CalDAV

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Tue Apr 1 22:48:01 EEST 2008
On Tue, 1 Apr 2008, James Knott wrote:

> Is it possible to sync the GPE calendar with Google calendar?

On a closely related topic, is is possible to connect GPE to a 
standards-based online calendar, as with Mozilla Sunbird ?

(I haven't actually tried GPE yet, so please excuse if it's obvious)

We have spent some time trying to decide on a sitewide shared caledaring 
system, and finally picked Bedework as being standards-based (CalDAV) 
with a Web interface as well. I've also been playing with WebDAV and
CalDAV servers, and have some read-only calendars in ICS v2.0 format 
(there's a ton on the Web).
Of course, I should be able to just use the Bedework Web interface, but 
it would be nice to download events to a local client for going out of
WiFi range..

As I recall, Google support HTTP/ICS download but use their own API for 
upload - maybe CalDAV was not mature enough at the time.
CalDAV in theory is more efficient than WebDAV as calendars can be 
updated with a single event rather than uploading the entire thing, and
also supports scheduling via a free/busy mechanism - theoretically, 
across multiple servers so that you can schedule meetings between groups 
at two different institutions.

As to why not everyone use Google - some organizations and countries 
forbid storing private information offsite/offshore, espcially somewhere 
subject to the "Patriot Act".

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