[maemo-users] hildon-libs0 - osso-af conflict

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Wed Apr 2 04:11:40 EEST 2008
I was just trying to install vncviewer on OS2008 on my N810. Along the 
way dpkg said there was a conflict between hildon-libs0 and osso-af, but 
when I look at the package lists they are orthogonal (osso-af is a 
metapackage with no installed files; the docs are stripped).

I forced it in. Is there any reason I should not have ?

# apt-get install vncviewer  (from extras/bora)
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
   vncviewer: Depends: hildon-libs0 (>= 0.14.11-1) but it is not going to be installed
E: Broken packages

# dpkg -i hildon-libs0_0.14.11-1_armel.deb
  osso-af conflicts with hildon-libs0

# dpkg -i vncviewer_0.6_armel.deb
  vncviewer depends on hildon-libs0 (>= 0.14.11-1); however:
   Package hildon-libs0 is not installed.
  vncviewer depends on libdbus-1-2 (>= 0.61); however:
   Package libdbus-1-2 is not installed.

# vncviewer
vncviewer: error while loading shared libraries: libhildonwidgets.so.0: 
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

# dpkg --force-conflicts -i hildon-libs0_0.14.11-1_armel.deb
dpkg: regarding hildon-libs0_0.14.11-1_armel.deb containing hildon-libs0:
  osso-af conflicts with hildon-libs0
   hildon-libs0 (version 0.14.11-1) is to be installed.
dpkg: warning - ignoring conflict, may proceed anyway !

# dpkg -i libdbus-1-2_0.61-osso28_armel.deb  (from bora)

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