[maemo-users] Internal Memory Read Only?

From: Scott Carr scarr at progbits.com
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:35:37 EEST 2008
Quoting Scott Carr <scarr at progbits.com>:

> For some reason, my internal memory is now mounted as a read only
> filesystem.  Not sure how this happened.  How would I go about making
> it read write again?
> I have a 4 GB MiniSD card that I have recently put into the system.
> That shouldn't have caused the Internal memory to go read only though
> should it?

This was on an n810, and I was talking about the internal 2Gb card  
with the Map data on it.

I hooked the n810 up via the USB cable to my Linux box, and was able  
to run fsck.vfat on the partition.  I had to run it 4 times to get the  
various errors fixed, but it finally came back with a good bill of  
health.  This took care of my issue without having to format the drive  
and reinstall the map files, and the backups I had taken.

If you are on Windows, you could probably use Knoppix to gain access  
to fsck.vfat.

Scott Carr
Documentation Co-Lead

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