[maemo-users] gpsd command line

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Thu Apr 10 19:43:40 EEST 2008
Does anybody know the command line to start gpsd on an N800 with a
bluetooth gps? I don't want to have to have Maemo-Mapper or Maps
running in order to have gpsd running. I've read all the documentation
I can find, but there is very little in the way of helpful

I did find out (through experimentation) that gpsd can only be run as
superuser, which is highly annoying.

The point is that I'm trying to get NavIT working, but it seg faults
when either of the other two navigation apps are running, and can't
find the GPSr when they aren't. Ultimately, if I can get NavIT
working, I will uninstall the other two, so getting gpsd running
without them is essential.

Of course, if NavIT would check for gpsd and start it if not running,
that would be the ideal solution...


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