[maemo-users] Cross-compiling for the N800

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Fri Apr 11 00:47:35 EEST 2008
Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> I'd suggest reading the Scratchbox docs -

Do you have a URI for these?

> you need to switch 
> toolchains.  Right now you're using the i386 stuff so that you can build 
> and test in a "simulated" N8X0.  Once you have it working the way you 
> want, you switch "targets" and build again, which will give you an ARM 
> binary.

Good grief. I just want to compile an existing .c file that already 
works. I'm not developing anything.

Does anyone have the incantation for switching the target to ARM so that 
I can compile it?


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