[maemo-users] BECOMEROOT

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Tue Apr 15 19:36:43 EEST 2008
Good afternoon!

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 01:10:41PM +0100, sebastian maemo wrote:
> Thank you very much to the developers and maintainers of the pages:
>  http://mg.pov.lt/770

That would be me.

> because they had a folder for MAEMO distributions (that is ITOS 2006) with
> the package BECOMEROOT in it, and now they had ERASED it completely.

Not quite -- I moved becomeroot 0.1 deb to a different folder (obsolete)
because there was a new version of becomeroot out there (0.2) that had
quite different behaviour, and I wanted to avoid confusion.

(I don't think I ever removed a package completely.  Maybe once, when
the package in question was so broken that it could brick your device.)

> Nevertheless, http://mg.pov.lt/770 has kept a folder called "obsolete" with
> a package becomeroot in it, but it doesn't work.

Please define "doesn't work".  I had used it successfully on my 770.

Note that becomeroot 0.1 allowed you to do "sudo su" to get a root
shell, while becomeroot 0.2 was changed and had you use "sudo gainroot"
instead.  I don't know what precisely you expected, but if you ever
installed becomeroot form my repo, you should be able to "sudo su".

> It's great that they help us so much.

I'm glad you appreciate it.

> I've just reflashed my 770 and won't
> be able to easily become root again unless I buy an N800 and install BORA on
> it.

There are many ways of getting root that are a bit simpler than that.

(Although I would recommend getting a N800 or N810, as the hardware is
nicer than the 770.)

> I wish I had downloaded and saved the deb packages. Now I'm fucked.
> Fucking thanks.

Have a nice day!

Marius Gedminas
Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign respect for technical incompetance.
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