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From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 16 14:53:33 EEST 2008
2008/4/16, Kevin T. Neely <ktneely at astroturfgarden.com>:
> On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 04:01:45AM +0200, sebastian maemo wrote:
> > I can install lots of applications in my cellphone (also a Nokia). But I
> can
> > install only a few applications in the 770, unless I do a (non-trivial)
> Can you?  I have an S60 phone and -although there are a number of
> applications for it- most of them are either 1) non-free (in code or cost),
> and 2) require a special signature, without which they are very difficult to
> install.

I have an S60 3rd Nokia phone. I've installed on it:

1. A browser that works much better than the browser in 770
2. Google Maps
3. Gmail application
4. PDF viewer
5. PowerPoint viewer
6. Word viewer
7. Excel viewer
8. RealPlayer
9. Flash player
10. Audio book player
11. Book reader
12. Dictionary
13. DOS console
14. Weather app
15. mIRC
16. Blogger
17. YouTube viewer
18. Python console
20. Basic interpreter

Of course, I had much more applications on my 770 than on my cell phone. But
to do that you need to boot from MMC.

I see this attitude as completely unproductive.

I completely agree.

 1) it was the first edition of the IT.  Anytime you willingly step into
> version 1.0, you become a beta tester and will be subject to all types of
> difficulties not necessarily expected.  This is as true for new electronics
> as it is for first run cars.

Not really. Mine was version 2.0. And in that version WPA wifi still doesn't
work properly because of a problem with certificates management. It means
that I cannot access the secured wifi at my uni, unless I do the trick of
connecting via unsecure network and then VPN. Pretty slow and frustrating
when VPN disconnects every now and then... My Nokia phone connects perfectly
to the secured wifi network...

2) the 770 is now an outdated model.  I loved mine and have only recently
> moved to an 800.  I love OS2008, with the flash support, video, and easy
> installation of apps like canola.  But it was a necessary move.  If I were
> consent to do a little rss, web, IM, and gizmo calls, I would stick with the
> 770, but like you, I want more, more, more out of my internet tablet.  I
> want to try all the differnt applications and that requires the newer
> operating system.

An 770 costed almost USD500. No comment about changing devices as if it were
changing the headphones...

Once you start trying to run *any* third party app, it does become something
> of a chaos.  Even on my 800, the catalogs (repos) have become somewhat
> chaotic, yet still manageable.

That's right. But an 770 *without* third party apps is pretty useless...

And here, as I see it, is the root of your problem.  When you start doing
> things like "booting from MMC", you have left the realm of simple end user
> and become a hacker.  Welcome to the club!  It is fun, rewarding, and....
> frustrating.  But to claim to be a "simple end user", you would not even try
> to install applications like BecomeRoot or apps that might require root
> privileges.  An end user is someone like a friend of mine at work; I flashed
> her device to OS2008 and she remains within the apps browsable through
> Application Manager.

Sure... Nokia has made a hacker of me... I've even published wikis on Debian
pages that are highly appreciated... but when I have to start from ground
zero again, now and then, it's pretty frustrating...

When you want to be restrained by your device, then the Apple iPhone is the
> right thing for you.  When you want the -sometimes difficult- ability to
> extend your device beyond the imaginings of even its developers, then
> something like the maemo-based IT, or an S60 phone is for you.  Pros and
> cons to both sides, but that is the simple presentation.

Seriously, if I had bought my N80 (cell phone) before my N770, I think I
wouldn't have bought it at all. Now I try to use the 770 as mini-laptop. But
it lacks lots of features, like upgrading package distributions, completely
resolved dependencies (it's very difficult to end up with a broken system
from an up-to-date debian distribution - and I use a testing debian -, but
it's very easy to end up with a broken system when playing with your 770)...

enjoy hacking on your 770, you are definitely in the club now!


I wish that 770 used a standard debian (armel) distribution so that I could
rely on debian servers to install, update and maintain my favourite
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