[maemo-users] Is OS2006 still supported?

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Thu Apr 17 23:00:01 EEST 2008
On Thursday 17 April 2008, Ryan Abel wrote:
> Frédéric Mantegazza wrote:
> > As a new user of Nokia 770, I feel a little disapointed.
> Such are the pitfalls of purchasing an almost 3 year old unsupported
> product. ;)

Which tells me right off if I buy the latest, I can count on it being 
unsupported in 3 years.

That's a pretty good reason for me to go elsewhere.  At least with a 
desktop, I can use Ubuntu and upgrade with each new release.

I'm serious about this.  I have an N770 and was planning on using it as 
part of a carputer interface and there are other things I was going to 
be adding along the way, but over the past year, I've asked myself if I 
want to stick with this product because I see little effort for 
backporting.  Once the new toy comes out, the old ones are essentially 
abandon.  While that happens with things like Windows, one reason I 
stick with Linux on most things is because most Linux stuff doesn't 
play the, "Spend more money now to upgrade or be left behind" game.


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