[maemo-users] Is OS2006 still supported?

From: Karl Eichwalder ke at gnu.franken.de
Date: Fri Apr 18 09:48:32 EEST 2008
Kevin T. Neely schrieb:

> Always depends on what you need.  I loved my 770, recently upgraded to an
> 800 and love it even more.

Me, too (N810 in my case) ;)  The 770 sometimes behave strange with the
2006 system (after booting it restarts several times in a row), but
the hardware layout is beautiful--even today it is already "classic".

What I hate most about the 810 is the keyboard slider--but the crowd
was crying for it...  The built-in keyboard could be useful for some
applications, but the inaccessibility of the scroll keys is cumbersome
for me using mostly maemo-mapper.

Karl Eichwalder

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