[maemo-users] Is OS2006 still supported?

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Fri Apr 18 16:28:09 EEST 2008
En/na Quim Gil ha escrit:

>> The community sure can do many things, but cannot do some *core* things, 
>> like replacing the kernel with a newer one (once the binary blobs stops 
>> working since the vendor lost interest in providing it), or replacing 
>> some nokia applets to control those things.
> Alright. Do you think that application developers and regular users of
> those devices would be stuck if they are stuck to the same kernel and
> related components - or progress can be done anyway?
> Dunno, there is something a bit tricky here. In the surface of the
> discussion it looks like everything gets stuck because A, B, C are
> binary blobs the community can't handle. A possibility is though that
> there is not enough community push in the areas where a difference can
> be made even with the same kernel and binaries.

Let's say 50/50? ;-)
Yes, progress can be done even if you can't change the kernel, but 
probably there are less people interested/willing/able to do things than 
with a more mainstream platform.
OTOH if the hardware is working with open drivers, one can always try 
something different, like, say, installing a "standard" debian 
distribution (like people are installing fedora/ubuntu/mandriva on the 
EEE pc now) and give the device a new lease of life.
You can do that now, but since things are changing fast in the linux 
world, you probably won't be able to do it in a year or two, unless the 
drivers are in the mainline kernel.

> Most users and even developers care about the applications. Couldn't the
>  official OS2006 or one of the HE handle more and better applications
> just as it is?

BTW, I have an n800, not a 770, so I don't have this problem right now 
and cannot reply to this question, but I hope I can give good use to my 
n800 even if it's not the latest gizmo, as long as it isn't broken.

>>> Do you mean that Nokia 770 owners can't work on progress themselves
>>> until these components are opensourced?
>> or the hardware is documented
> Here we need to distinguish between code and documentation that Nokia
> could disclose and what belongs actually to third parties. The game gets
> more complicated.

Well, yes, but a company that buys chipsets in the millions has a lot 
more bargaining force with its suppliers than a lone hacker in a 
basement, hasn't it?


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