[maemo-users] Battery life VERY short on N810, last OS2008...

From: Giacomo Tufano gt at iltofa.it
Date: Mon Apr 21 15:50:28 EEST 2008

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at nokia.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> ext Tony Green wrote:
> > On Monday 21 Apr 2008, Giacomo Tufano wrote:
> >> After installing the last revision of OS2008 (I don't really know why I did
> >> it, because I had no problem on startup) battery life is very, very short. I
> >> go from full battery down to automatic shutdown in a night...
> > It certainly sounds like it's doing a lot of work. I've found that some
> > applications hammer the battery just because they're loaded, even if they
> One should note that any constant CPU usage, even 0.1%, is enough to
> ruin use-time.
> I would recommend running the "top" (or "htop") from SSH so that one
> isn't confused about the XTerm updates. Also, applications using
> maemo-launcher show up as "maemo-launcher" in top.  The real application
> name can be seen with:
>        cat /proc/PID/cmdline
> If the application is "hildon-desktop" then it's one of the applets
> draining the battery.

I tried your suggestion (ssh remotely on the idle tablet). Tried to
follow CPU usage for a while, then stopped and retried...

The 'metalayer-crawler' is, apparently, idle (bad, I'd like a simple
solution). :-(

The only two processes that are using CPU (both at every check of top) are:
'cx3110x' and 'OMAP McSPI/0'

I don't really know what those processes do, nor if they are related
to the SSH connection. But they're using CPU...

A look at /proc/PID/status says 'SleepAVG' 91% ijust in case this is useful...

Again, any hint to further proceeding is appreciated.


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