[maemo-users] Battery life VERY short on N810, last OS2008...

From: Tony Green tony at beermad.org.uk
Date: Mon Apr 21 19:41:04 EEST 2008
On Monday 21 Apr 2008, Giacomo Tufano wrote:

> A last note... the "EAC mode: play enable, rec (dis)(e)nabled" couple
> of messages I see in system log are "normal"? It doesn't seem so...

Not only don't I see this in my system log - I don't even have a system log 
being written! The only log that gets written on my machine is the Apache 
error log, and that only gets written when something goes wrong.

It seems to me that this may be significant; whatever's generating the log 
messages is obviously doing something. Do the log entries give any clues what 
it is? 
Tony Green
Ipswich, Suffolk, England

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