[maemo-users] Is OS2006 still supported?

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed Apr 23 15:30:29 EEST 2008
Hi again,

ext Luca Olivetti wrote:
> Right, let's say that nokia, as a VIP customer of TI, is in a better 
> position to explain the importance of disclosing specs (so that free 
> drivers can be produced by the community) than a lone hacker in a 
> basement (to whom TI doesn't even sell directly its wares).

You keep pointing VIP customers and that's fine. And you keep pointing
to this lone developer. Is the reality like this, though? Look at the
context in the free software community. Look at the history around the
Linux OS.

> Obviously only if nokia does get it itself.

Get what? What I'm trying to say is that the open source community also
needs to get that hardware vendors won't change their business models
unless they have good (business) reasons to do so.

Think that Nokia is a software developer as well. We do see the benefits
of open source software and public hardware documentation for our own
development - and for you.

Look, the easiest it to see this situation as a fairy tale of good and
bad knights with opposite interests. The reality is different, more
mixed and complex. Hardware vendors have to get it, but the community
has also to learn some things in order to come up together with a
brighter future. Let's learn more and better about each other.

> I understand they fear disclosing the specs would make copying their 
> wares easier, but other manufacturers don't seem to have a problem with 
> that.

Different companies have different objectives, contexts, strategies...
What is good for A maybe is not automatically good for B.

Look at the business models and contexts of those doing the moves you
like and help providing arguments and business reasons to those still
not doing those moves you like.


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