[maemo-users] gpe contacts import

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Thu Apr 24 00:11:25 EEST 2008
Jonathan Markevich wrote:
> Maybe some users are not
> computer savvy.  Bugzilla is clearly for professional-grade testers/QA not
> for the general public.
> "Create a test case?"  Yikes.

It's a problem because there are two distinct target groups. Most
developers subconsciously develop for developers, not the ultimate
end-user, so they expect developer-level savvy. In my own area, the end
user wouldn't know a test case from a hole in the ozone layer, so I have
to handle each bug report (aka "complaint" :-) by phone, talking them
through recreating the scenario until I understand what the problem is.
But I get paid to do that, whereas OSS developers don't, and it's very
hard to explain to the end user that they do have to think harder and
contribute a more rational set of circumstamces which will explain what
they have found wrong.

I long ago gave up submitting bugs to Bugzilla because it is virtually
impossible to find out reliably if anyone has already submitted the same
bug. The interface is designed for developer administration of the bug
reports once submitted, not for end users submitting new reports; and
the search feature is effectively non-functional because every report
(perfectly understandably) uses different terminology and phrasing.

The last bug I submitted (to Mozilla Mail -- yes, that long ago) is
*still* being argued over nearly a decade later because I unguardedly
used the term "bounce" in my description, instead of "redirect", and
everyone misunderstood what I was asking for. Hoist with my own petard.

Quite apart from the fact that I'm an interface usability spod, and most
of what I would report is generally considered low priority compared
with getting the core code of a program working right :-)


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