[maemo-users] GPE On Nokia N800 ITOS2007

From: Peter Bart peter at petertheplumber.net
Date: Thu Apr 24 05:44:56 EEST 2008
On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 10:13 -0600, Mark Haury wrote:
> Peter Bart wrote:
> > Hi Everyone,
> >     I feel compelled to say that I use the GPE apps on my Nokia every
> > single day and have no major problems with it. I migrated from a Palm
> > several years ago, not w/o a few growing pains but nothing major. I am
> > not a computer person but I can follow directions. Does that make me a
> > power user? You decide. I have found the developers, bugzilla, this list
> > and ITT forum most tolerant and helpfull for a person not only new to
> > Linux; at the time; but the Nokia as well. I don't do things the way I
> > used to, I learned different convention, and found ways to give back in
> > some small ways. Is GPE on the Maemo platform for everyone? Probably
> > not. However, please place me firmly in the column of a happy user of
> > not only GPE, but Leafpad, Xournal, Claws, Doc Reader, SpotYah, all the
> > cool games, Maemo Recorder, and so on and on. Please do not be upset if
> > I didn't mention your project by name. I most likely use it and like
> > it! 
> > <stepping off the soapbox>
> >   
> I have to say that the critical deal killer for me is that even though 
> it may be possible to jump through a few hoops and *import* data into 
> gpe, there doesn't seem to be any way to *export* it back out. 

	I'm not sure about what's going wrong for you, I imported my data
several years ago w/o any problems. 300 plus individual entries as one

> I would 
> be a lot more willing to put more effort into getting my data into gpe 
> if I was sure of a reasonably easy way of not only backing it up,

	There's a built in backup utility from Nokia that backs up the GPE
directories. You can use rsync to "backup" your home directory to
another drive, memory card, etc. Last but not least you can also simply
copy the GPE directories to another location.

>  but 
> moving/copying it into other apps as needed. As I tend to do that a lot, 
> ease of import and export is a very big deal for me. What I'm saying is 
> that for me, it's not a matter of a one-time import and then I'd be 
> done. It would be a constant process of import and export, and therefore 
> those processes are critical to whether or not it's worth it to me to 
> use the app.

	I don't need that kind of functionality the way you do. So far I I've
used load applet to take a screenshot of a specific entry and send that
off. For me, the less I move my data around, the more time I have to do
real work.

> For me, the ideal import/export method is csv files.


> I never had a problem with import or export with either my Visor Deluxe 
> (Palm OS) or my Psion Series 5. It was always quick, painless and accurate.

	Then by all means use those devices.

> And no, "syncing" is not the answer. I need to be able to work with the 
> data much more directly than that.

	I'm not sure I understand. I can sync GPE to Evolution, Schedule World,
Google, etc and work with the data from there. You don't get much more
direct than that. Why wouldn't you want a matching set of records on
another device? I had mine set up to sync to Evolution once, from there
I can save, email, etc individual or multiple contacts as I need. The
Nokia is a great device but it is limited when compared to my notebook.
Each in it's place.

Best Regards,
Peter Bart <peter at petertheplumber.net>

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