[maemo-users] GPE On Nokia N800 ITOS2007

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Thu Apr 24 19:39:33 EEST 2008
On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 8:06 AM, Jonathan Markevich
<jmarkevich+lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> GPE at least uses sqlite, although just sqlite 2.1.  You should be able to
> access/unload/load data from there using another tool - maybe even on your
> desktop.
> All apps should use sqlite on the device.  Always...
> You can try datable (check garage.maemo.org) it's a nice start at making a
> DB front end for maemo.  While you're at it, check out a MaemoPad+ database.
> That's exactly what I'm talking about!
Thanks for the the tips. I'll look into them further. The learning
curve is rather steep, though.
> >
> > Nokia is a great device but it is limited when compared to my notebook.
> > Each in it's place.
> >
> >
I don't agree. The raw horsepower isn't that much less than my current
desktop, and the built-in peripheral hardware is amazing considering
the size. The only "limitations" I see are the small screen size and
lack of software. Maybe the latter will be rectified in due course.

> (this reply is hitchhiking, sorry!)
> Have you tried KDE on the Nokia?  With a keyboard and mouse attached?  It's
> a tiny screen but there's no other reason why it can't be a little notebook.
> Closed minds and weak software are the only things really holding it back.
I would *really* like to try that (it sounds like it would be similar
to my desktop kubuntu installation), but it's probably way beyond me
and wouldn't support all the hardware.
> >
> > I don't use Evolution, Schedule world, or Google. I use Access and up
> until now my Visor. I've been trying for a long time to migrate my Access
> databases to OOo Base, but it can't import tables or csv files any more than
> gpe can, and when connecting to the original Access database can't deal with
> any of the other database objects at all. Its report formatting is also
> incredibly limited at this point. (In my opinion, Base is still alpha level
> software, utterly unlike the rest of the suite.)
> >
> Yeah you're better off working in MySQL, really.  But as long as you have
> Access, look for a sqlite odbc driver.  I think you can even open sqlite
> databases directly in Base.  You may be able to import and export on the
> desktop.
> You can import in Base from CSV by the way, it's just amazingly
> counterintuitive (though it makes a certain functional sense).  Create and
> register a DB first, then open the CSV file in Calc.  Click View - Data
> sources.  Open the DB tree to view "Tables".  Now select and drag the data
> and drop it on Tables.  Weird huh?
I went through all that with the OOo people, and while it "sort of"
imported the table I needed most, it really garbled it. It would have
been more work to straighten it out than to retype everything. My
databases are just large enough that neither is really an acceptable

> Maybe this is the way to get your GPE data working for you...
> >
> >
> > If anybody can point me to a different cross-platform (mainly Windows and
> Linux, but Mac would be a plus) database that has most of the power and ease
> of Access (and the most important features are reliable import/export of csv
> and the ability to create report layouts from scratch), I would be
> *extremely* appreciative. I've tried to learn about SQL and frontends for
> it, but everything I can find basically assumes one already knows all about
> it and seem to be based on scripting, and I need to work from a GUI,
> including creating databases from scratch. The reason I need cross-platform
> and GUI is so I can share it with others in my organization who are not all
> that computer-literate and have different OS's than me.
> >
> Well you could try FileMaker, only not for Linux... File-based databases are
> a little dead.  MS kinda locked the market, then pursued it as far as it can
> go.
> As for MySQL, you can do everything in their excellent GUI (or SQLYog), but
> you have to commit to a server-based database.  My we're getting off topic
> now, though aren't we...

I guess I don't understand the implications or implementation of
"server-based" databases, but in my case I need to be able to work
with the database when there is no network available, and transfer the
database to another machine simply by connecting my USB drive to the
other machine.

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