[maemo-users] gpe contacts import

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Apr 25 10:51:47 EEST 2008

Once again talking about the hobby developer...

ext Jac Kersing wrote:
> However for a developer, when the software you release becomes a success 
> and is used by a fair amount of users there is no way to keep up with 
> all the messages generated. Reading and answering messages in mail and 
> interacting on forums consumes most if not all the time available. Then 
> development stalls and no bugs get fixed. A developer simply has a 
> limitted amount of time available and needs to make choices.

For example when your spouse is once again commenting on your "other,
non-paid job" and how it takes time away from your kids, you might not
have that much patience with users demands which are unreasonable (to
you).  If you need to select between your kid vs. a rude user,
the decision is really a no-brainer.

	- Eero

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