[maemo-users] Decent PIM for the N8x0

From: Gary Baribault gary at baribault.net
Date: Tue Apr 29 16:08:28 EEST 2008
I remember a long time ago using a piece of software called Time&Chaos 
.. it still exists, but they have no intention of making a Linux 
version, I've asked many times .. The alarms only go off once, you can 
start the week on Sunday or Monday, you can link a contact or many 
contacts to a calendar event, you can create all the categories you want 
and share them between TODO, Events, Contacts etc .. you can do searches 
on just about anything. but most of all, it just works!

One other thing I would like is to be able to import my 600+ contacts 
that I exported from my CE to Outlook and then exported from there to a 
VCard file.

BTW, my Calendar work me up at 5:45 AM this morning as expected and so 
far has also gone off for the same event at 8:05 this morning ..

And I'm not knocking the efforts Graham is making either, he tried real 
hard to solve all of this about 6 months ago when I brought it up to him.

Gary B

Jonathan Markevich wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Gary Baribault <gary at baribault.net 
> <mailto:gary at baribault.net>> wrote:
>     So why can't we get a decent calendar and Contact manager? I've worked
> I don't mind the GPE contact manager, it lets me get at contacts 
> fairly quickly.  Entering them is quite frustrating, but I think a few 
> bug fixes can remedy that.  Maybe even just a first name and last name 
> field would be enough!
> I find I can't leave GPE calendar running though, it tends to eat my 
> battery overnight.  It's farther off from what we want anyway... I 
> wonder, is it that hard to show the week starting on Sunday, like the 
> popdown calendars do?
>     I kind of wish that someone would start up an oposing PIM .. Any
>     takers?
>     450$ to play Mahjong or Blocks seems a little steep!
> I know, it frustrates me and quite a few others too.  I wonder if we 
> could start a wishlist and maybe even a bounty?  We all know 
> developers scratch their own itch, but give them some specific 
> requirements and ideas and who knows?
> Where would we put this?  Forward it to Thoughtfix?  The ITT wiki?  On 
> here?  Do we request these things from GPE or OpenedHand?
> Graham, I'd like to know a couple of things; 1) are you getting 
> specific, practical requests from people and 2) is it even possible to 
> push these upstream - or are you kinda stuck being a porter only?
> Thanks for your work.

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