[maemo-users] USBcontrol on N810

From: Mike Sherman mike.sherman at earthlink.net
Date: Tue Aug 5 17:52:40 EEST 2008
Rick Bilonick <rab at nauticom.net> wrote:
>On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 10:31 -0400, Mike Sherman wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I tried to install the usbcontrol on my N810 and the package 
>> manager gives me this error:
>> "Unable to install usbcontrol.
>> Incompatible application package."
>> Is something else I installed conflicting with it?  Here what
>> I've installed:
>>   camera
>>   maemo recorder
>>   mplayer
>>   youamp
>>   mytube
>>   mdeia streamer
>>   canola
>>   gnumeric
>>   garnet vm
>> I would have to guess that the garnet VM is the most non-standard
>> thing there.
>> Thanks,
>> -Mike in Cleveland, OH, USA
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>>   Mike Sherman	                          <mike.sherman at earthlink.net>
>> _______________________________________________
>What version of the OS are you running? Chinook or Diablo? What are you
>planning to do with USB? If you are just going to connect it to your PC
>to transfer files, I don't think you need usbcontrol. I would recommend
>that you flash Diablo is you don't already have it before installing any
>more apps. Once you flash Diablo you won't have to flash newer versions
>of the OS (saving you the trouble of re-installing your apps).

The machine is running 4.2008.23-14.  From the web page, that should
be what they call "Diablo"

I want to use USB for flash drives, and possibly other devices when on the 
road.  It works fine when connected to a PC.

>Rick B.


  Mike Sherman	                          <mike.sherman at earthlink.net>

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