[maemo-users] looking for python development shortcuts :)

From: Dmitry S. Makovey dimon at makovey.net
Date: Mon Aug 11 08:55:52 EEST 2008

I'm trying to apply development skills to Maemo platform and it was 
relatively easy with python bindings available for everything I need. 
However I seem to be stuck with following problem:

I want to write simple application that would listen for D-BUS even 
whenever internet connection is established and run certain actions. My 
present usecase is that GPE-Contacts fails to render ICS files generated 
by Zimbra server, so I'd like to write python script which upon every 
internet connection receive data from Zimbra, render it to a form that 
is acceptable for GPE and submit it via gpesyncd. So as you see I have 
figured most pieces for myself, except I'm kind of struggling with D-BUS 
stuff esp. that I can't figure out how to simulate those evens in 
scratchbox and doing it on actual device is kind of painful (breaking 
connection so I have to re-ssh in etc. etc. etc.).

Any pointers are appreciated. So far I have found those:


but I wasn't able to put those together into something coherent to 
implement as a code :)

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