[maemo-users] Changes in 4.2008.30-2 (was: Re: Is the Application Manager update process working for OS2008/Diablo?)

From: Andre Klapper aklapper at openismus.com
Date: Tue Aug 12 23:37:54 EEST 2008

Am Dienstag, den 12.08.2008, 13:47 -0400 schrieb John Holmblad:
> Today when I checked the app manager, it showed two updates as being
> available:
>        OS2008 Feature Upgrade
> and
>        MAP
> What is puzzling me is why the OS rebooted after this upgrade. It was
> my understanding that once OS2008/Diablo was installed, that future
> updates to the OS would not require a reboot.

No, only thing I remember is that you do not need to *flash* your device

> Is is somehow possible that the  App manager screwed up and caused me
> to re-install OS2008? The download was actually quite large ~15 mb or
> so.

No, and the Diablo image itself was ~130MB.

> It would be nice if there were some decent documentation on this
> OS2008 feature upgrade, if that is, in fact what it is. Does anyone
> know where such documentation is available at the Nokai www site?  
> A search of the Nokia www site using the search term "OS2008 feature
> upgrade" did not reveal a pointer to any product documentation for
> this feature upgrade.

This would bring up the good old "Didn't Nokia want to provide public
ChangeLogs when having releases?" discussion. A classic, see the
One can search Maemo Bugzilla for closed bugs with Target Milestone "4.1
+", but this will also include bugs that have been fixed after the
4.2008.30-2 update was packaged.

I can only offer the list of packages included in the 4.2008.30-2

browser-neteal (0.0.18-1)
flash-and-reboot (3)
hildon-input-method (1:2.0.4-1)
hildon-input-method-configurator (0.0.19-1)
hildon-input-method-widgets (3.2.18-reversion-part-1)
icd2 (0.50)
icd2-network-wlan-config (0.47-diablo1)
initfs-flasher (0.95.16-200829maemo1)
kernel-diablo-flasher (2.6.21-200829maemo1)
libconbtui0 (1.5.46)
libconic0 (0.16-0.1)
libdbus-glib-1-2 (0.74.0osso6)
libhildon1 (2.0.5-1)
libhildon-im-hwrarea3 (3.2.18-reversion-part-1)
libhildon-im-ui3 (1:2.0.4-1)
libhildon-im-vkbrenderer3 (3.2.18-reversion-part-1)
libhildon-im-wordcompletion3 (3.2.18-reversion-part-1)
libicd-network-dun (0.31-3)
libicd-network-ipv4 (0.15)
libicd-network-wlan (0.47-diablo1)
libicd-network-wlan-config (0.47-diablo1)
libicd2 (0.50)
libloudmouth1-0 (1.3.3-0osso5)
libmodest-dbus-client (1.0-2008.30-1)
libnspr4 (1.0.4-60.14)
libnss3 (1.0.4-60.14)
libnss3-certs (1.0.4-60.14)
libsmbclient (3.0.23c-1osso11)
libtinymail-1.0-0 (1.0.0-svn3725)
libtinymail-camel-1.0-0 (1.0.0-svn3725)
libtinymail-gnomevfs-1.0-0 (1.0.0-svn3725)
libtinymail-maemo-1.0-0 (1.0.0-svn3725)
libtinymailui-1.0-0 (1.0.0-svn3725)
libtinymailui-gtk-1.0-0 (1.0.0-svn3725)
maemo-launcher (0.31-3)
microb-eal (0.3.7-1.16)
microb-engine (1.0.4-60.14)
modest (1.0-2008.30-1)
modest-search-plugin (2008.23.1)
nokia-repository (5.7)
osso-af-startup (1.66-4)
osso-af-utils (1.17-1)
osso-app-killer (1.23-1)
osso-applet-location (0.30-1)
osso-applet-screencalibration (1.4.5-32)
osso-bookmark-menu (1:0.5.0-6)
osso-connectivity-ui (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-btsettings (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-conndlgs (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-connmgr (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-disclaimer (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-gwsettings (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-gwwizard (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-iapsettings (1.5.46)
osso-connectivity-ui-statusbar (1.5.46)
osso-ic-gwhwdetect (1:0.18)
osso-startup-wizard (2.2.26-1)
samba-common (3.0.23c-1osso11)
tablet-browser-controls (0.3.7-2.7)
tablet-browser-ui (0.5.3-2.15)
telepathy-sofiasip (0.5.4-0osso9)
telepathy-stream-engine (0.4.0-0osso6)


PS: Can you please avoid sending HTML mail and instead use plain text?
Thanks in advance.
Andre Klapper (maemo.org bugmaster)

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