[maemo-users] Changes in 4.2008.30-2

From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Wed Aug 13 18:16:13 EEST 2008

well there is a solution for documenting that "developer feature". Just 
implement a "red pill" mode for the OS2008 user document itself!

Hmm ....now lets see, .....Adobe Acrobat does support document security 

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Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> ext John Holmblad wrote:
>> thanks for the info. And yes, after I sent the email I 
>> realized/remembered that OS2008 promised no more reflashes for OS 
>> upgrades but no promises were made about rebooting.
>> Regarding documentation, or lack thereof, I can understand scant 
>> documentation if there are only bug fixes in a release. However this 
>> update was advertised as a OS feature upgrade so I assume there is 
>> some new and/or changed capability (sometimes features are 
>> subtracted, i.e. taken away). Hence my question about documentation 
>> of those features.
> AFAIK it has only bug fixes (to browser, email etc which you can
> fairly well find from public bugzilla, see Andre's mail).
> Hm. Maybe one could think of the maemo-launcher change as a "feature"
> although it's "a bit" developer oriented...
> The maemo-invoker that proxies default applications launch requests
> to maemo-launcher, raises the signals into which the launched
> application terminated so that the maemo-invoker caller receives
> them properly.  However, if the application terminated to SIGSEGV
> that creates a core-dump also for maemo-invoker which could confuse
> developers and testers (as maemo-invoker core dump gets the application
> name and the actual application core dump is named maemo-launcher).
> Maemo-invoker has now disabled core dumping for itself, so there's
> only one core dump[1].  :-)
>    - Eero
> [1] You can get core dumps by adding "core-dumps" directory to your
> memory card that has enough space for them.  Note that without
> installing the "rich-core" package which compresses the core dumps
> (and adds some extra information to them), core dumps can be *huge*
> as they include all application memory (check VMSIZE from "top" to
> see what I mean).

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