[maemo-users] del.icio.us Applet for OS2008

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Fri Aug 15 10:48:38 EEST 2008

a few month ago i have downloaded a nice little del.icio.us applet for
my n800 somewhere. Now I have reflashed my system and want to install it
again but i don't be able to find it again...

The applet works with an icon in statusbar which allows you to add
del.icio.us links.

Is there somebody who knows, where to find this application? :)

Ciao Uwe

Uwe Kaminski
Mail: jukey at ju-key.de  - OpenPGP: http://ju-key.de/publickey/jukey.asc
Web: http://internettabletblog.de
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