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From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Tue Aug 19 21:21:47 EEST 2008

fyi. A new WIMAX network goes live in Malaysia.

Does anyone know if the Nokia N810 Wimax Edition will work on the Packet 
One network in Malaysia?

Here for those interested is the url to the www page for the article 
about this network:


 From the article it is not clear, to what degree, this network will 
support nomadic/mobile use.

Best Regards,

John Holmblad

Acadia Secure Networks, LLC

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_Today’s Headlines __August 19,__ 2008___

*_Packet One Rolls Out Malaysian WiMAX Services_*

Packet One (P1), one of the first WiMAX licensees in Malaysia, has 
officially rolled out its services, reported *The Star*. It continued: 
P1 Chief Executive Officer Michael Lai said the company would be 
strategically positioned in the market, as it would gain first-mover 
advantage by being one of the first operators to roll out WiMAX in this 
part of the world. “We intend to be a regional player. We have been 
talking to some new WiMAX licensees in the region and are exploring 
opportunities for potential collaborations,” he said, citing Vietnam and 
Australia as some of the potential markets. P1’s target is to cover 25% 
of the population in Peninsular Malaysia by year's end, increasing this 
to 35% and 46% in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The company was among four 
licensees awarded the WiMAX spectrum in March last year by the Malaysian 
Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM). The others were REDtone 
International, YTL e-Solutions and Asiaspace Dotcom. Details 

*_South African Operators Criticize ICASA WiMAX Spectrum Allocation Plans_*

South African regulator ICASA recently published guidelines on how it 
plans to allocate the remaining 126 MHz of spectrum in the 2.6 GHz 
frequency band, but has come under severe criticism from industry 
players, reported *MyBroadband*. It continued: The regulator intends to 
provide six new WiMAX players with 20 MHz each despite requests from 
both Intel and industry players to provide operators with at least 30 
MHz of spectrum each. Currently only four players – Telkom, Neotel, 
Sentech and WBS/iBurst – have WiMAX spectrum in South Africa. While 
WBS/iBurst, in partnership with Vodacom, has already rolled out a WiMAX 
network in Gauteng and Cape Town, Sentech’s WiMAX spectrum remains 
mainly unused. Sentech currently has 50 MHz of very valuable 2.5 GHz 
WiMAX spectrum in addition to its 56 MHz of 3.5 GHz spectrum. According 
to Vodacom CEO Alan Knott-Craig, ICASA should follow a use-it-or-lose-it 
policy where unused spectrum in the hands of companies such as Sentech 
was taken back and redistributed to telecom players who would make the 
most of this valuable resource. This view is shared by many telecom 
experts who feel that the massive amount of spectrum in the hands of 
Sentech and Telkom – often unused – is making it difficult for other 
competing companies to cost-effectively roll out wireless networks and 
provide broadband services to consumers. Details 

*_ZTE Wins WiMAX Deal In Colombia_*

ZTE USA announced that it has clinched an exclusive bid from Columbia’s 
leading operator Emcali to build the country’s first WiMAX 16e network, 
reported *Unstrung*. It continued: Emcali was awarded WiMAX licenses by 
the Columbian government two years ago and is required to make the 
network commercially available by end of this year. The company is among 
the growing number of telecom operators worldwide putting extra efforts 
in developing WiMAX technology to address users’ needs for highly 
advanced mobile wireless communication services. International research 
firm *Pyramid Research* predicts the global WiMAX subscribers to grow 
from over 2.1 million in 2007 to 41 million in 2012, with emerging 
markets accounting for 57% of all customers by 2012. Details 

*_Nth Air Deploys WiMAX Broadband Network In San Jose, CA (USA)_*

Nth Air, a provider of next-generation wireless communication services, 
announced today the launch of a WiMAX network across western San Jose 
and Santa Clara (USA) for delivery of high-capacity video, voice and 
data services, according to a company press release 
“Being the first to deliver services, in the Silicon Valley, using WiMAX 
technology has been our goal. Now that we have done so in our own 
backyard, we intend to expand rapidly into other markets,” said Nth Air 
President and CEO Craig Niemeyer. The company delivers broadband 
services nationwide over a 3.65 GHz WiMAX network in underserved markets.

*_Airspan Wins Contract With Neptuno In Puerto Rico_*

Airspan and Neptuno Networks said they have signed an agreement for the 
delivery of Airspan’s WiMAX solutions in the 3.65 GHz frequency band in 
Puerto Rico, reported *TMCnet*. It continued: The first order launches 
Neptuno’s planned island-wide network in Puerto Rico with an initial 100 
base station sites. The 3.65 GHz solution for the North American market 
is the latest addition to Airspan’s product line, and the response from 
the wireless industry has been enormous, said Airspan. More than 200 
applications for spectrum have been made, and Airspan has signed up more 
than ten customers in the band in four months. Details 

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