[maemo-users] Problem flashing RX-34_DIABLO_4.20 08.23-14_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin

From: Peter Bart peter at petertheplumber.net
Date: Wed Aug 20 12:29:08 EEST 2008
On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 04:43 +0000, Lionel D. Hummel wrote:
> Flashing RX-34_DIABLO_4.20 08.23-14_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin on my N800 does not work for me, while flashing OS 2007 releases and RX-34_2008SE.2.2007... work fine.
> Is that RX-34_DIABLO image known to have problems?  
> If so, I'm surprised it is still up on Nokia's web site, especially without any caveats.  I found one mention of this problem in the #maemo IRC channel log on 7/31/2008, but I haven't seen any other discussion of the problem (at least not with enough detail to recognize it ;-).
> I'm flashing using an Ubuntu 7.10 host.  The output text showing the problem is:
> lionel at ubuntu:~/Projects/n800$ sudo ~/bin/flasher-3.0 --fiasco RX-34_DIABLO_4.20
> 08.23-14_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f
> flasher v0.8.7 (Oct 17 2006)
> [ ... ]
> Suitable USB device not found, waiting
> USB device found found at bus 001, device address 021
> Found device RX-34, hardware revision 1301
> NOLO version 1.1.6
> [ ... ]
> Sending kernel image (1500 kB)...
> 100% (1500 of 1500 kB, avg. 8024 kB/s)
> Flashing kernel... done.
> Sending initfs image (2233 kB)...
> Write failed after 0 bytes
> usb_bulk_write: Resource temporarily unavailable
> lionel at ubuntu:~/Projects/n800$ 
	I had the same problem. Disconnect the tablet, pull the battery to turn
it off and try again. Works okay. My tablet was stuck in a reboot loop
after the first try. Getting the software loaded is another story. I'm
finding some of the software for Diablo won't load. Notably Leafpad and

Best Regards,
Peter Bart <peter at petertheplumber.net>

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